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Default Re: Bass Drum and Floor Tom Pitch Separation

Originally Posted by Lovetadraw View Post
That makes sense. I'm sorry the recordings are so bad. I'm not audio pro. :(

Also, I tune my toms into like a chord (roughly) so they are about every other note or so in difference. Or at least that's what I try for. Makes for cool effects since they sorta harmonize. Especially the 13" and 16".

I also find it funny how this went from "HELP! My floor tom sounds lower than my kick!" to "yer toms sound baaaaaaad..." Haha
Your 13" and 16" are tuned a 4th apart, at least that's what I'm hearing, and that is a nice interval, it sounds musical. The point is, all your toms should have nice and even intervals. :)

If I were to tune a tom configuration such as yours, I'd likely go for 10" D, 12" A, 13" E, and 16" B. That would be a 4th between every drum.
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