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Default Re: Help choosing bass drum pedal, PLEASE!

Originally Posted by mabhz View Post

.... where I have my drum lessons, there´s this cheap Yamaha single pedal with a ball felt, and strap instead of chain. I just LOVE that beast!! I play soooo easily on it!!....

Why not try to find that ^^^^ one?

Other than that, my first thought was like BigDinSD says - goes further up the Mapex line.

I've got a DW9000 single, and several Yamaha doubles and singles. The Yamaha's feel range from very light to medium for me.
The DW is solid, chunky, gives good feedback, and is super smooth.
Can't add much more than that, except to try before buying, if possible. And also that a higher price doesn't always mean the pedal will work better for you.
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