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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
You can't separate opinion from judgement.
Sure you can.

I hate the way ekits look and sound = opinion
Someone who likes the way ekits look and sound is wrong or stupid = judgement

Here's a less volatile example.

I like vanilla ice cream better than chocolate = opinion
Chocolate ice cream sucks and the people who like it are idiots = opinion

The irony is, I agree with Larry on many points concerning e-kits. The part that got me, and that I tried to address in a lighthearted manner, is the work ethic part, the assumption that if someone chooses a method that is easier, that person is lazy. Thus my examples about grinding wheat, etc. We all choose the easiest methods to do most of the things we do. Where we draw the line is a matter of personal preference.

I choose to mow my lawn with a push reel mower because it's quiet and doesn't use gas. Should I judge my neighbor as lazy because he uses a gas mower? Should he judge me as elitist or technologically challenged, or whatever, because I don't? I don't think so. we just value different things.

I agree you should be proud of your tuning skills. That is a hard-won battle for a lot of people. But I bet there are a lot of a-kit players who would have no idea how to program e-kit modules to configure different sets, adjust the parameters of sounds that are onboard, create and install samples of their own, use the ekit with a midi interface, etc. Those are skills, too.

None of these have anything to do with the ability of a player to play well.

That's all I'm a'saying. I certainly didn't mean to start an argument, just offer a different point of view.
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