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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Can we stop loading up on Larry here please. He's approached this subject with an open mind, & because he's comfortable here, feels happy to post some of his inner thoughts. If you read his thoughts in context with the whole of his OP, it makes sense. I'm not picking up that Larry's thoughts are anything but what he finds to be of value personally. He's neither preaching to you, nor suggesting his thoughts apply universally.

Moreover, any reference to equity in tuning skills IS relevant as far as I'm concerned. To have gone that journey is to give greater understanding to the instrument's dynamics, & how those choices translate to an audience. The difference in dynamic presentation between E kits & A kits sits at the very heart of most of these discussions, so it's most relevant. Larry's describing a conversation with someone who enthuses about something that Larry finds difficult to contextualise when weighed against his own experiences. Nothing more than that.
+1000.Well said mate.The guy has an opinion to which he's entitled.If you are thinking he's like the old man screaming at the kids to get off his lawn,then maybe you should re-read his original post.

This other drummer was just using his strawman argument to bolster his belief in E kits over acoustic.His argument here also seems often repeated and well rehearsed.

Larrys point about tuning skills and dynamics are well reasoned and I agree 100 %.

Now I have to go and chase some guy trying to park in front of my house.:):):.Lighten up people.

Got your back Larry.

Steve B
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