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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

You can't separate opinion from judgement. Everyone judges stuff, if they say they don't they are lying. You have to judge. When you drop your kid off at a new friends house for the first time, you go in, meet the parents, look around, and you subconsciously judge people and surroundings for the safety of your kid. So opinions are judgments aren't they? Thanks Andy for sticking up for me, but really, I can understand that it can be taken to sound elite. Not my intention to sound elite, this can be a touchy subject. I'm all for time saving devices like the car, and I don't spin my wool from sheep, even though that actually appeals to me. But if quality is lower, then I'm not on board with that, bottom line. The day I see an E kit that just buries an A kit...well I couldn't ignore that. But it's not even close.

I just don't like them. If I see another playing them, TBH, like opentune, A: I don't like the look of them, and B: they sound too clinical to me, and C: I always wonder what that same drummer would sound like on an A kit. They are programming a lot of the skill, and all of the human-ness right out of the equation, the very thing that makes a drummer interesting. A complete noobie can make just as good of a tone as a seasoned veteran. On the surface that sounds like a good thing, but for me it's not a good thing, not at all. It takes the skill right out of pulling a good sound from the drum.

An analogy, in my mind anyway, would be someone who climbed Mt. Everest. The A kit is like climbing up the traditional way with all its trials and tribulations. An E kit is like taking a helicopter to the top. Anybody can just hop in a helicopter, not just anyone can climb the traditional way. The journey is the best part, skipping that process and fast forwarding to the destination takes all the fun out of it. For me, the E kit removes a lot of the hardness from the process. The hardness is what makes it great. I guess you can color me old fashioned.

So yea, I don't prefer seeing or hearing drummers on E kits, in any way at all. They look stupid IMO, they sound bad IMO, it makes me feel that the drummer is "cheating" and isn't concerned enough with the end product. My apologies to those who that upsets. They don't inspire me in the least. In fact it bums me out every time when I see a drummer using them. It's deflating. I've never said, "Oh cool, the drummer is using an E kit. It's always, Oh crap, the drummer is using an E kit. Let's go see a different band.

Has anyone heard a drummer that plays an E kit and gotten chills from the drum part?

If you have, please share a link.

Maybe some day they can program things so you can get E chills lol.

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