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Default Re: Help choosing bass drum pedal, PLEASE!

I own and play a speed cobra and love it as a pedal, but if I played only heel down I doubt I would like it. Heel down is somewhat limited in speed and you can't do doubles as easily so the need for a high end pedal is debatable. That said if you want a heavy pedal look and iron cobras, dw 5000, or if your used to mapex try their falcon pedals. Of those 3 iron cobra is heaviest. Don't buy a dw9000 they are very light and have a floating feeling. None of these pedals will make you better, I would just keep what you have, and if you are being held back try to learn some new techniques, not new gear.

PS heel up is fun especially if you are used to heel down because your ankle will be well developed. Just get used to having your leg in the air.
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