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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

I wonder if guitar players were having the same argument in the early 30's when the electric guitar became a reality.Yet the acoustic guitar is still here along with plastic violins and chellos.

I guess E kits have their place and may even become more popular because of their exposure on American Idol a few times a week.

To each their own.I just watched Buddy Rich and his band do one of the best renditions of "Love For Sale" that I ever heard.I mean it just cooked...pure energy.But somehow,I could never see an E kit dynamicly sounding like Buddys 80's Ludwigs and A Zildjian cymbals.

Like I said...they all have a purpose,but using Niel Peart as an example in the context of sound value, leaves me flat,since I NEVER liked the sound of his kits A or E .Just my 2c.:)

Steve B
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