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Default Help choosing bass drum pedal, PLEASE!

Hi all! Once again I come to ask for your advice, this time concerning the choice of a double bass drum pedal.

Again, let me explain: the most OBVIOUS choice would be going to a local drum store and trying each one for myself. Problem is I live in a country/place these itens cant be found (or are EXTREMELLY) expensive, so it leaves me with the international online shopping option. Therefore, I have to choose and make a purchase WITHOUT actually trying a product for myself.

So... heres the deal:

I have been using a cheap Mapex single pedal for 4 years now. Thats the pedal I actually learned to play.

Last year I wanted to give myself a "top quality" pedal so I bought a Tama Speed Cobra single pedal, mostly because of its long footboard. I also bought it without playing it first, mostly based on the longboard and because its pretty famous.

Notice that Im NOT a fast bass drum player, never will be, and I only play heel down. The only "fast" playing I do would be a "John Bonham triplets-like" fast run.

After one year trying it, I concluded that I definitely still play better (it feels more confortable!) with the old heavy Mapex. I have trying many settings on the Speed Cobra, but still cant get to make it feel like the Mapex. The SC is soooo soft that I almost feel like Im NOT playing on it!! I cant feel the pedal under my feet!! Its akward! hahaha

Basically, I guess I like "heavier" pedals, ones that feels like it has more "resistance" and fights back with my feet. The Speed Cobra is a fantastic piece of equipment, but its too soft, too loose, lacks "tension", resistance. Even with the spring at the hardest tension, its waaaay too loose and soft compared to the Mapex.

I found that I actually feel better with "heavy" pedals because where I have my drum lessons, theres this cheap Yamaha single pedal with a ball felt, and strap instead of chain. I just LOVE that beast!! I play soooo easily on it!!

I guess I need to feel some resistance when I press the pedal, and I need it to pull my foot back. Sorry if its a "lack of technique" on my side, but thats just the way I am at the moment, and Id like a pedal that would be confortable with my (lack of) technique.

So, I would like to ask the pros around here for some word of advice. Which of the pedals below would better "fit" my requirements of a "heavier" pedal with more resistance, more tension, and more confortable for heel down all the time?

If you have already played the Speed Cobra and the ones Ill list below, could you PLEASE advice on which one would feel more adequate to the characteristics Im looking for??

. DW 5002 AD4
. DW 9000 series
. Yamaha Flying Dragon

While at it, could someone also point me the main difference between the 5000 and the 9000 series? My first thought would be to go with the 9000, since its more expensive and probably "better", but a few people commented that the 5000 actually feels "better" than the 9000, even the latest having a better build and more features.

So, could you folks please adice again??

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