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Default Re: Zildjian 13" K hats alternative?

Originally Posted by JakkP View Post
Ive had 13" K series hats for about a year now and I adore the sound out of them, The only problem is for 5-6 years beforehand I used 14" hats and because of the smaller size I don't feel that I can really lay into them when needs be. What im looking for is basically the exact same sound, or as close as possible to the K's. Im not picky about brand, so any will do.
Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Have you tried 14" K hats? They are only slightly different in sound to your 13".

If you want to 'lay' into the same hats, just go with a larger size.

I for one want to go down to the 13" Ks. Lets trade, I've got 14s.
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