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Default Re: Met a guy who really likes his E kit

Naige also hit it on the head for me too, but honestly speaking, it's good to embrace the new technology, and many here know of my disdain for the eKit, but I've actually done it and have come back from the dark forest a bit wiser. I still contend they are the most expensive practice kits I've ever seen/owned. And you are correct, big deal with the push of a button you can change a sound, the whole joy of playing an acoustic instrument is being able to pull the sound you want out of it. For some reason, the engineers haven't gotten around to replicating all the expressiveness of an acoustic drumset out yet. They've done a great job with guitars, and I'd even argue the Akai EWI (electronic wind instrument) does pretty well for it's intended use, but you still don't see sax players putting their horns in the closet in favor of the EWI).

The one place I saw V-drums good in their place was at the MGM Grand hotel in Vegas. The hall you enter is round, and they have a band up on the wall as you walk in. The room is so acoustically bad, V-drums actually help. An acoustic kit would be too much for that room. But then again, you're back in cruise ship mode playing music nobody really appreciates - you're just background noise to the bigger activity of gambling. And I'm always impressed when I see people like Omar Hakim incorporate them into their acoustic kits, and Bruford's earlier work with Simmons and all that. But as a replacement for acoustic drums "just because" is lazy and doesn't make any sense.

I apologize to all the players here who love their eKits, and I admit I'm probably spoiled by the fact that I have a gig where I play the real thing, and am in a position to just say 'yes' to acoustic drumming gigs only, but eKits had their time back in the 80s. And like so many things from the 80s, eKits are the last to go away on their own ;)
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