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Default Re: Bass Drum and Floor Tom Pitch Separation

Originally Posted by IDDrummer View Post
OK, I could at least hear the pitch of the toms on that recording.

Having heard that, I will guarantee your bass drum is lower in pitch. It just sounds very different because of the short sustain caused by the muffled heads.
That makes sense. I'm sorry the recordings are so bad. I'm not audio pro. :(

Also, I tune my toms into like a chord (roughly) so they are about every other note or so in difference. Or at least that's what I try for. Makes for cool effects since they sorta harmonize. Especially the 13" and 16".

I also find it funny how this went from "HELP! My floor tom sounds lower than my kick!" to "yer toms sound baaaaaaad..." Haha
Christopher Walken would be pleased.
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