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"Groove Killer" is borrowed from Tommy Igoe. It is neither lazy nor dismissive. Actually, if you understood my reference to Tommy Igoe, it would show you possessed a broad based experience in drumming.

"Groove Killer": It is any type of beat that is misplayed technically, or applied in the wrong situation. Most technical groove killers are commited by new drummers who don't know better. Things such as flaming the hands when hitting them together is correct (like 8ths on the hi hat and snare on 2 and 4). Playing with a bad sense of time or playing really tasteless parts that don't fit the song is another groove killer that pertains here.

Dead horse has been beaten, however, the groove in #2 doesn't fit the music, as it is too busy and shreiks "LOOK AT ME CUZ I'M REALLY BORED!" There is nothing technically wrong with his playing (although I did post a bunch of songs with tempo issues).

And for the record, I'm not a jazz drummer, so I guess you applied the wrong stereotype to the wrong drummer.
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