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Default Re: Double Bass Left Foot Strength

Yes, thank you for the advice. I have at one time switched to left-handed playing for a year to bring my lefties up to speed with my righties, even so far as to alternate left foot and right foot with every stroke no matter what, except diddles. As for some of the other methods, been there, done that, realised that in real life, leading with the leading foot is going to happen nearly all the time anyway, so I might as well train to what I am going to do, horses for courses and all that.
Your dominant hand will always be stronger than your other, otherwise we'd all be ambidextrous. If you were playing a standard ska beat and threw in a triplet on the feet, most people will lead that triplet with their dominant side. I think perhaps you can train your weaker side to keep up with your other, or you can lessen your dominant to be on par with your other.
Practising certain strokes to get them even on the left and right hands was effective for me enhancing fills and rolls etc but had a negative effect on other important aspects, ie highlighted accents on a snare sound rubbish during a blast beat.

An interesting aside, if you trained with weights on one arm only, the other untrained arm will gain a little in strength too (but not to the same degree).
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