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Default Re: Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

Originally Posted by JBoom View Post
Forget the drum sound in your head, it's probably based on recordings and impossible to achieve live. Drum recordings are processed -- that sound is not real.

Learn to tune before you waste a lot money on different heads. Good tuning is way more important than head choice (but then head choice becomes important after you can tune).
Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
You have mics, processors, and all other sorts of electronic manipulation that you must consider.

Originally Posted by mabhz View Post
And the "tom sound" I have in my head is NOT based on processed record/CD sounds, but yet, on drums I have already played, and even the Mapex Meridian Birch I used to have drum lessons. I also went to a drum store last week and checked this Sonor Essential Force, side by side with a Tama Silverstar.... The Tama had the EXACT same sound as mine, even though it was NOT a hyperdrive tom, and the Sonor had a very nice pleasing fat warm low ressonating sound on ALL toms, including floor....[/b]

Also, it is very hard in my experience to become good at tuning with stock heads because of the simply awful quality and frustrating results. Anyways, it also might be the room your Superstar is in- but I'm not sure since you say the Silverstar had the same sound, and that was in the same room as the Essential Force.

If you really want that fat tone, you might be better served returning the Superstar and getting an Essential Force (or the comparable PDP Concept Maple). But I would try new heads first.
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