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Default Re: Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

Originally Posted by mabhz View Post
Hi all!!

Im having a hard time with tunning and trying to find a "sound" I like with my brand new 7 piece Tama Superstar Hyperdrive (8" - 16").

This is my first drum kit, and I Always had this very specific "drum sound" (toms mostly) in my head, and its really driving me nuts how much my Superstar sounds so far away from the sound I envision...
Forget the drum sound in your head, it's probably based on recordings and impossible to achieve live. Drum recordings are processed -- that sound is not real.

That said, if you "EQ" your ears, with say some amount of ear protection, you'll be more pleased with the sound.

Learn to tune before you waste a lot money on different heads. Good tuning is way more important than head choice (but then head choice becomes important after you can tune).

Unfortunately, there is no good tuning tutorial I can suggest. Most of them suck because tuning is so subjective. But a good tuning tool can really help you learn (Tune-bot, or some smart phone app that gives you pitch feedback like iDrumTech).
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