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Default Re: Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

Drums often produce more of a fundamental pitch when struck off-center. Dead center, you will get more of a dead sound. Generally, you might just want to strike slightly off center (maybe half an inch). Often, a plastic sound to me is a result of the tuning being so low that the heads are almost slack. Also, the sonor is maple so it will have more of a low-end characteristic.

Generally, you'll want a single ply resonant head- Aquarian Classic Clears, Remo Ambassadors, Evans G1. Generally, white coated heads have a warmer and rounder tone, hydraulic heads are practically dead (very easy to tune) and the ones with rings around the edge are a easy to tune as well. If you don't consider yourself very good at tuning I'd get a pinstripe (or variant) and be done with it.
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