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Default Re: Drum Throne Broke.

Originally Posted by Shedboyxx View Post
1st - Never beat up your sister. Ever.

2nd - You are probably experiencing a consequence of the quality level of your hardware. I've never seen a good, well made throne break in that way. I let my church keep my Tama Titan throne that was 30 years old. The main issue that I had was the seat was mostly foam and duct tape. The pole adapter that attached to the seat and the main hardware still worked great.

3rd - You sound young but as you get older that piece of equipment gets more important. Save some money and get at least a good one and it will probably last a very long time. Buy a cheap one and expect it to break down in some way soon. I have (2) thrones that both cost me about $140-$150 but are very comfortable and well built. They are both about 8-9 years old and are still working without a hitch. You can probably find a basic, good used throne for $50-60.


^This exactly. Especially point number 1.

Save up your money and purchase a good quality throne like a Roc-N-Soc or Gibralter. Check places like Craigslist, Ebay or local music stores, etc. for used equipment.
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