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Default Re: Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

Folks, THANK YOU VERY MUCH for all the replies.

I specially thank FUO because you managed to express in one word perfectly the typ of sound I am talking about, and that I just basically HATE: a plastic sound on the heads.

Yesterday I was messing around with them and I notice that the "cardboard" and "plastic like" sound comes immediatly after the stick touches the head, and right after that comes the actual "drum note" sound ringing. Its as if my toms produced two distinct sounds: one at the impact of the stick on the head, which is VERY plastic alike, and the other immediatly after, that is the actual sound of the drums.

Can you folks get a visual/audio image of what Im trying to explain?

I also found something VERY interesting: if I hit the heads CLOSER to the rim, and NOT in the center, the plastic sound dissapears!!!

As I move the hit point closer to the center, the sound gets more and more present....

How come is that??

I always heard that we should "strike" the heads dead center, that it produces the best sound. So, how can a drum sound "better" closer to the rim?? I might even add that it produces quite a pleasant sound!!

Fuo, do you happen to have the same "carachteristic" on your Hyperdrives?

On the notes you folks brought up, I can add that I took my rack toms to my drum lesson studio, and my teacher played them. I also hated their sound.

And the "tom sound" I have in my head is NOT based on processed record/CD sounds, but yet, on drums I have already played, and even the Mapex Meridian Birch I used to have drum lessons. I also went to a drum store last week and checked this Sonor Essential Force, side by side with a Tama Silverstar.... The Tama had the EXACT same sound as mine, even though it was NOT a hyperdrive tom, and the Sonor had a very nice pleasing fat warm low ressonating sound on ALL toms, including floor....

So.... Did I get the WRONG drum kit??? :-(

Anyway, what heads you folks suggest that work better with this shell, birch and hyperdrive??

Evans G2 on the ressonant side? What about the batter? What type of sound those white Evans heads would give me compared to hidraulic heads and those Evans heads that have those "silver rings" around them? What about the heads that have those black dots, inside or outside?

What type of sound each would probably produce on my hyperdrive toms??

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