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Default Re: Bass Drum and Floor Tom Pitch Separation

Oh my, I feel so dumb... Yes PFOG, I got it backwards.... I'm so sorry...

I'm just surprised that, as you said, a 22" bass should EASILY have a lower fundamental pitch than a 16" tom. My 16" seems relatively tight too. Not overly tight, I don't like my toms like that.

Here's some samples I took a while ago, I'd get actual recordings but my mike stopped working a while ago. I took off the high end attack and tried to isolate the core note. Sure the bass has more oomph, but doesn't the floor tom sound a bit lower?
I don't have any fancy graphical display to go by, but to me it just seems lower. I love punchy bass drums but this seems odd. Or am I just wasting you all's time? I imagine with the tons of EQ and stuff that would happen in mixing it wouldn't matter bout the note per se, just the low end umph. Most people expect the clicky sound more than any tone of body anyway.

One more theory, the foam ring on PS-Pros that is held (pressed?) against the batter head is causing the over all tightness to be higher by a smidgeon? Maybe next time I should just use an Ambassador/Emperor batter and muffle as needed? But even my floor tom has O rings and 2 moongels to boot! Plus tape on he reso side!

Thanks so much for hearkening to my babbling :)
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