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Default Re: Bass Drum and Floor Tom Pitch Separation

Originally Posted by abapicaltaenia View Post
This would make a lot more sense in the other configuration: where a 16" sounds lower than a 22".
The more I read this the more I reckon you're on to something here. I'm gonna crawl out on a limb and suggest this has been muddled in the OP. It would explain him trying to lower the tone of the bass drum.

In that case, it has to be the way you have them tuned. One is either waaaaay too high or one is waaaay too low.........most likely a case of both.

As stated earlier, there is a natural correlation in pitch, from smaller (higher pitch) to larger (lower pitch) drums. Re-tune your drums to where both just open up and the head vibrates freely, then tune up in small increments from there. Stop when you reach your desired tone. The 22" will naturally produce a lower fundamental tone than the 16".....from here it's a simple process of letting each shell do its thing.
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