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Default Re: Should I buy an e-kit?

Originally Posted by Mezzo View Post
Just to throw a third option in, you could convert your kit to electric, and if you want to go back its just a case of dropping the triggers out and putting the real heads back on

Edit : Just to add to that, this is mine, while you wont be cutting your drums up the principle is the same : (its me playing on it to a drumless track as the music)
Interesting trigger set-up Mezzo, great to see people getting creative with their A2E's!
To the OP- There's nothing better than jamming at 3 in the morning with an E-kit if you damn well feel like it (no need to restrict your practice hours) but ultimately you need to make a list of advantages and disadvantages for both A and E kits and see which one comes out on top for your situation.
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