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Default Re: Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

I have a superstar hyperdrive kit in 22,16,14,12,and 10. If you have stock heads on there take them off and put new ones on.

The different heads I've had on my kit were Aquarian Super 2 Clear heads, Remo Coated Ambassadors, and now I have Clear Aquarian Response II heads.

Response II heads are the best for what you're looking for or the equivalent in Remo would be Clear Emperors, for Evans you would use clear G2's.

Aquarian Super 2's I might say are just as good if not better on my hyperdrives and I might go back to those next head change.

Coated Ambassadors were very open and you can get a nice low end out of them after a long break in.
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