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Default Please, help with HEADS and tunning for a Superstar Hyperdrive

Hi all!!

Im having a hard time with tunning and trying to find a "sound" I like with my brand new 7 piece Tama Superstar Hyperdrive (8" - 16").

This is my first drum kit, and I Always had this very specific "drum sound" (toms mostly) in my head, and its really driving me nuts how much my Superstar sounds so far away from the sound I envision...

So, I have two question to you folks is: what are the most "recommended" drum heads for the hyperdrive birch sheels toms (rack and floor)???

Also, whats the most recommended tunning that helps take out the best ressonance out of the shells???

I mean, for the type of wood and shell construction, should will they sound better on a higher or a lower tunning? Or this just doesnt matter and my question is stupid?

Im asking because Im REALLY NOT happy with the sound I get from them....

I am a completely beginner on drums (played jazz guitar for 15 years though), but I have a pretty good idea of the kind of drum sound I want: full bodied, fat, low and ressonante one! What kind of drum heads should I get to help me get closer to this??

The kit is a superb instrument, great quality, but after trying many diferent tunnings, I still cant get rid of a certain "cardboard" sound that all the toms produce...

Its VERY HARD to put down to written words sound carachteristics, specially because we perceive them very individually, but I can tell you folks that I wanted my toms (rack and floor) to produce a very fat, low, ressoant and full sound. Like a "boooommm"....

Yet, they come with a very "flabby", "bright", as if I was hitting a card board box surface with my sticks... Off course they ressonate, but veeeery far from the "booommmm" I was expecting... Its more like a "plaaaatch!". Too treble...

As I mentioned, I took the rack toms to two very good drum teachers and they both tunned them to completely diferent tunnings, a jazz drummer used a higher tunning (the 10" rack tom to E, and all the others a 4th from that). The rock drummer tunned lower, but Im not sure which notes.

Both got the same "cardboard" sound out of the drums....

Could this be the original brand new drum heads that are both bad quality and yet not used enough to reach the "sweet spot"?

Could other Superstar Hyperdrive fusion/jazz drummers please help me with some advice?

THANKS A LOT!!! All the best, folks!


Obs: I also DONT NEED volume. I play indoors, in na apartment, so Im concerned with a tone I like, not with volume or projection.
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