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Default Re: New Tama Silverstar and K Customs

Really a nice looking kit - especially with those cymbals.

Larry - there's a wrapped Tama kit and a lacquer one. Almost every place advertises the wrap at $529.99 and the lacquer is about a hundred bucks more.

It was a toss up for me when I was looking for a similar kit, between the Tama and the Yamaha. I went with the Yamaha, because I already had a 20" kick, 5 piece set in the same finish, and with the 18" kick in the bop kit, I had a lot more setup options.
Also, I like Yamaha's tom mount system better.

The things I liked better on the Tama centered on the bass drum. It's got 8 lugs instead of the 6 on the Yamaha, and the claws are a lot classier looking.

That's the only things I don't like about the Yamaha - those cheap looking, generic stamped claws, and the 6 lugs.
They sound a lot alike though, and are both really good, inexpensive deals.

Not trying to hijack the thread Smethe, just throwing out some observations. I like your kit.
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