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Default Re: Vintage Premier restoration-ish

Originally Posted by radeq View Post
i dont know what to improve, but the kit looks awesome :) any sooundclips?
Thanks man! Here is some sound clips. One from a recent recording session and a video from band practice.

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
Nice job - it looks good.

I played a set with 13 and 14" toms that were about that deep, mounted on the bass drum - LOL. So I fell your pain and joy. I'm very pleased with the smaller sizes I've got now.

I think the bass drum spur idea is great. Your mock-up looks a lot better to me. I just like straight spurs though.
I'm not sure going back to 10 lugs would be worth the effort though, unless you'd be doing it just because you like the look better. 8 lugs is plenty to hold a tuning.
I think the 10 lugs will look better. But mainly because that's what it was originally. All the holes are there so it would just be a case of buying some more lugs and filling in the newer holes. I dunno what the guy who had it before me was thinking when he messed with this kit. I also believe that it was originally a resonator and that the inner shell was taken out. I'm not too sure on that but it's the only kit I can find with the same lugs.

Originally Posted by steverok View Post
Personally I would make the port hole perimeter black. I think that would look much sharper. I highly recommend those Gauger RIMS suspension mounts for both toms - just make sure everything will fit. I tried to use an imitation mount (Gibraltar I think) on one of my vintage Premier toms, and the side plate did not fit my Premier tom bracket, and the band itself did not realy fit my drum. Adam, I think his name is, at Gauger, is extremely helpful and will make sure any of your questions are answered.
As for the black hole, I alread brought the chrome one. I bloody love chrome :P
I was going to get Guager mounts as they are the only place that I could find that do a 5 lug 10" mount. I will definitely get in touch before I buy them but as far as I am aware they are quite adjustable?
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