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Default Re: Silent practice - mesh heads or sounds offs?

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
Bo my friend, it seems you and I are destined to contest this issue for all time : )
Since not wasting money on a "practice kit" seems to be your primary concern this means you would have to switch over the mylar heads for mesh after/ in between gigs correct? (Talk about a PITA).
Otherwise you could buy a second, cheap, piece of crap kit and fit that with mesh heads (but then we've wasted money again haven't we)?
Personally I don't think either of these scenarios is very appealing to any drummer and certainly wouldn't be conducive for practicing at home.
I take your point that yes, e-kits are very expensive for what they do (I also currently use a TD-10) but what price does one put on having an enjoyable/ productive practice at home (albeit with a kit that doesn't live up to your high A-kit standards)??
As for your last point, many drummers (including myself) have used "mid-level" e-kits for gigs. Granted, we're not talking Disneyland gigs (just pubs and clubs) but I used a crappy TD-6 for 5 years with no problems. Does it really sound THAT bad to you? Judge for yourself...
Yeah, I suppose we can agree to disagree. But what I did was get a Sonor Safari and outfitted it with mesh heads while keeping my main kits ready for gigs. It ended up being a $450 investment that was worth it and cheap. And I've done gigs with an octapad triggering drum machines in the 80s and the novelty was cool then but not anymore. I think a lot of music patrons would rather see and hear the real thing. It's not that emits can't sound good, I just prefer to pull a good sound out of a real kit with my real technique, and people can tell. I'm not unhappy I say "no" to ekit gigs. I spent too long honing my chops to not use them to their fullest. I've been confronted with churches who have their own v-drums too and I just say no. They just no longer make me happy.
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