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Default Re: Acoustic to Electric conversion

I don't know if you bought yet, if not, look at ddt crossbar triggers,very expensive, maybe just for the snare, quartz percussion triggers, 682 Drums criss cross harness center cone triggers, get the dual zones, they sell the rubber rim protectors and their mesh heads are great. That roland td 12 is a great little module. I just sold my Roland td 20 kit with a td 30 module to free up some money and I had the 682 drum black heads , nice and quiet. They make mesh heads in white, a little louder. I am not a big fan of the roland triggers ot the d drum red triggers either, maybe you guys have had better experience, and I think, but could be wrong, the best triggers go in the drum and you put the cable thru the air hole if you are using mesh heads. There is another forum that can give you a lot of info on triggers and (V DRUM) stuff. Guess what its called
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