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Default Re: Silent practice - mesh heads or sounds offs?

Originally Posted by toddmc View Post
This is exactly the point and the OP said it himself- A-kits with drum mutes on are just not fun to play so why bother with mesh heads or mutes?
This is what I thought when I purchased a Roland TD-10 V-Drum kit. And then I had the most expensive practice kit ever. To get an eKit with mesh heads is going to cost at least $1300 or so - so how much do you want to spend on a practice kit? I always thought the joy of playing comes from inside anyway - and if the pure joy comes from playing your acoustic drums on an actual gig, I'm failing to see why anyone would spend 1,000+ on something they're just going to practice on. 'Cause who would actually use a mid-level eKit for a gig?
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