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Default Re: roland td4 questions

Originally Posted by kenthunt View Post
hello everyone,I am an old skool drummer but new to this forum.
couple questions on electronic drums

1) have a bad 1/4 stereo cable end for HH cym on roland TD4 snake, are they repairable? if not I am looking for a new snake, where can I get one?

2) can drum pads be split using Y adapters without issues on Roland, to be able to get double bass, and more crash cymbals etc...? does it hurt the module?

any help is appreciated, all this electronic drum equip is new to me

Thanks so much

hopefully I entered this info the correct way on your site
1) Yes if you're handy with soldering iron but easier just to buy another cable (they don't cost that much after all) from eBay or any electronics store.
2) Yes no problem to split and it wont "hurt" the module.
I was going to suggest these guys- But it seems they don't make splitters for the td4. I purchased a y cable for my td10 (also not supported by drum splitters) but they will only replicate the sound of one trigger to two outputs (whereas I believe you can assign different sounds to each output with the drum splitters).
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