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Default Re: Your favorite boundary microphone?

Originally Posted by Guitarski View Post
If it's any consolation to you, Neal, I use the D112 backwards...literally. With the turqoise band facing the speaker it does the same thing as my Neumann, but in a much scrappier way. The other way around it rejects much of the low, resulting in a much cleaner, though heavily colored (which I like) mids and highs oriented picture. Maybe it's all nonsense, but right now it's working for me. It's certainly the only mic I have that can operate backwards.
It seems to me that even if the acoustics are fine, natural reverb introduces a dirty sound element. Faced with horrible acoustics I've become a puritan with regard to a clean, that is, reverbless sound. The way I work now the "dead" acoustics produce the cleanest sound, which is a good starting point to muck around with from there on.
With drums I can see it's different. Not every kit is a hip hop kit, I'm probably talking outside of a drummer's jargon.
I don't know if you can make a kit sound big in a dead room with digital reverb in the DAW.
Interesting use of the D112 , I have no doubt that would yield a useable result. I love coming up with stuff like that...using things in unintended ways...experimentation.
Dead acoustics is definitely a viable and valid production choice...depending on the music of course.
You can make a dead kit sound bigger/very different with the use of digital reverbs...although modern techniques are more about overheads and room mics....but that requires a good room.
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