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Default Re: Double Bass Left Foot Strength

Originally Posted by Arky View Post
What are you talking about?? This might be your personal experience, but why generalize? I'm maxing out @ 250 bpm heel-up (16th notes, singles) and don't play/practice heel-down a lot (I'm rather poor at heel-down). So I absolutely can't see how your statement can be accurate. Those motions are different things to practice. There's some interrelation but not too much, you have to practice them individually.

Also, I had to edit your language...
Sorry, I don't buy it for one second you can do 250 singles without having ever practiced heel-down. You're telling me you're faster than The Black Dahlia Murder's fastest song by 10bpm. A claim like that requires proof: a 1.0x speed video with a clicktrack.

I am talking about heel-up... the floating foot requires the same motion as a heel down stroke except with more upward and downward latitude. I'm sure you can get fast just doing floating-heel-up, but practicing heel-down helps to get you there more quickly (standard disclaimer: it's not a miracle, still requires hard practice). It's apparent you're more concerned with making sure your opinion carries the day rather than accept other people have other experiences than yours. Have fun in your little kingdom.

Edit: LOL. Just saw you said you've been playing for one year, and you seriously claim 250 bpm sixteenth singles? Yeah, okay... Don't worry. I'm not coming back
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