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Default Re: Pedal "migrates" while drumming. Solution?

Just to follow up, the problem has been solved with skateboard grip tape. A strip on the top of the hoop and one on the bottom does the trick. Now the jaws of the clamp seem to get a decent bite.

And by the way, the pedal is the newer style pedal with the "drum key" looking screw on the side. It only clamps on the hoop. As far as I can tell, there is no adjustment for the angle of the jaws to accommodate hoops of different thicknesses. When we clamp it tight on his Tama hoop, the jaw faces of the clamp do not sit flat, which reduces the clamping area. It's kind of like using a wrench that's not quite the right size for a nut. If I have further problems, I will just use a shim to build the hoop thickness a bit where the jaws clamp, but I think the grip tape will do the job.

Thanks for all the suggestions!
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