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Default Re: Double Bass Left Foot Strength

Originally Posted by toddy View Post
get rid of your double pedal and play some hi hat.
And there it is. There's always some pretentious, stuck up a**hole who comes to say this exact same thing in every single double bass thread. Get off your high horse, or take it somewhere else.

Also thanks to Shedboyxx for the rational thought, it's good to see that not all is lost to people like quoted above. You are absolutely spot on when you say you can't hear hi hat click over the rest of the band in any real gig scenario if you play anything even mildly rock oriented, much less metal.

I purchased The Encyclopedia of Double Bass Drumming on Amazon a while back; it has a whole section of warm-ups/bass drum fundamentals designed to build strength in the weaker leg. One particularly helpful bit I found was to practice accents! Especially on the weak foot. The other big tip I can give is if you want to get faster and more accurate you absolutely must become fluent in both heels-up and heels-down. To do fast double bass sixteenths for more than a short burst over 140-150bpm requires that you learn to float your heel above the heel rest and make a heel-down style motion as it floats. You'll won't be able to transition from legs to ankles if you never do heel up, and you'll never get past 140bpm if you don't do heel down. I'm currently trying to fix heel-down accuracy, power, control on my left foot to break past the 140bpm barrier.

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