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Default Re: my review Super Kick 1 / Regulator combo

I use Superkicks on every single bass drum I have (3), I can't fault them.
I haven't ever used the regulator head, just standard single plys with felt strip. I have mine like this...

20"x14" 3ply: Superkick 1, Remo Ambassabor Coated on front with 3" wide felt strip, no port. Sounds punchy as hell, great for hiphop/funk

22"x14" 6ply: Superkick II, Aquarian Classic on front with 4" felt strip, no port... perfect 22" kick sound with balance on punch and thud

24"x14" 3ply: Superkick II, some stock single ply reso with 4" felt strip and 4.75" port. The perfect kick sound, the only kick I dont have to mic up at rehearsal!

All with no internal/extra muffling (no pillows or laundry or fancy EQ thingys). The best way is to tune the batter up further than you'd think to - JAW sounds **** on SKs in my opinion - so the thing resonates a bit. The sheer construction of the head means it naturally resonates at a low note anyway, so coupled with the front head being tight enough to not sound 'rattley' you get a fantastic FAT note out of it

I must say, you're doing something wrong if it takes you an hour to tune a Superkick, took me about 10 minutes the first time and about 2 now I know the things - and I'm no master thats for sure!!
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