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Default Re: Your favorite boundary microphone?

Originally Posted by Guitarski View Post
Thanks for the book, you sound like you know what you're talking about. I find the D112 a terribly amusing microphone. To me it epitomizes the "dynamic" sound. true. There are very few microphones that I truly can't stand...but the D112 is one of them. Never had any luck whatsoever with them. Dead, dull, lifeless and rubbery.
Paddles...clear! Zap! Flat line _________________________

No amount of EQ and dynamic processing could save it for me.

I'm not holding my breath for a miracle but I just saw that AKG have re-introduced the 'orignal' D12. Might be interesting.

I really should point out though...I think maybe you are making more of the "reverb problem" with condensers than is due. Many many thousands of recordings have been made with said microphones with great results.

If the acoustics of your room are terrible, try to tame that a bit. You can get great results with cheap stuff like packing blankets, adding area carpet, or adding large objects with mass. Don't overdo the room deadening though - some reflections are good too.

If your room is reasonable - the small amount of leakage/ spill from the room into a kick drum mic is not a problem and is a very small proportion of the sound. Try not to get carried away with listening to mics in isolation either...remember, the 'big picture' is all that really matters....everything up. There are several 'old fashioned' engineers who believe the worst invention on a mixing desk was the 'solo' button.

Maybe I'm not understanding your use/needs tough...

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