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Default Re: Alternative to Speedking...?

Originally Posted by Bo Eder View Post
That's how much they are around the States as well. It's actually cheaper than other newfangled modern pedals you're talking about. I'd just get another Speed King. I've tried a lot of different pedals and none of them feel like the SK. What works for you already works. I'd stick with it.

That's what I was thinking too. Most other new pedals are going to be at least that much, or more.
If the Speed King is what works best for someone, that's probably what they should stick with.

I like the Yamaha direct drive pedal that Shedboyxx linked to in post #5, and it's only a few bucks more at some places. But I've never owned a Speed King, so can't really compare them. And besides that, everyone has their favorite pedal, and you're always sure to find a lot of people who wouldn't choose that pedal for their self.
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