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Default Re: Coatings, revisited

I use heads presently from all the Big 3 head manufacturers. Here's my take from over the years.

General robustness in regards to coating in terms of longevity:

1) Aquarian
2) Evans
3) Remo

A few comments about these ratings
The first is that sound preferences don't always line up with how robust the coating is. All of the different brands have different sounding heads all things being the same (i.e. Remo Ambassador vs. Evans G1 vs Aquarian Satin Texture Coat). Even if you get better wear out of a drum head, you may or may not like the sound the head gives in general. That's a personal preference. The only exception to this might be drum corp heads where as far as I can tell, the closer a snare sounds to a table top, the better. The overall judge of quality is whether a head can be torqued up incredibly high with little resonance if any. (Sorry DCI guys if I'm off on this. Just my opinion.)

The second is that I have had personal experience with both Aquarian and Evans heads that were defective or part of a bad run.
Aquarian has been super responsive with personal calls from Roy Burns as soon as he was aware of a problem. Replacement heads were shipped very quickly directly from Aquarian.
Evans has been good about it as well although it has taken a little longer. My recent experience was when I had coating come of a brand new Power Center Reverse Dot (new Level 360) when I removed gaffer tape after recording. Took a few days and a couple of communications to get a response but once I did, they got a replacement to me very quickly.
No problems with any of the replacement heads.
I haven't had a bad experience with Remo in regards to a drum head losing coating quickly but I have read plenty of posts about it. I did have an issue with one of their hi hat clutches which got replaced. IMHO, the service rep was not enthusiastic about doing it but I did get it resolved with no issues.

That's my experiences. In the case of Aquarian and Evans, it felt like these heads were totally exceptions to their normal quality heads. I know this because all of the heads I've had issues with had been used before (with only normal wear progressing)and then used after the incident (with only normal wear progressing).

For the OP: If the head wears quickly down to clear, let Evans know and I'll bet they send a replacement.


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