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Default Coatings, revisited

For all those concerned about whose coating is best or most durable, I thought I'd put this picture up. This is an Evans G14 that I used for one 3-hour rehearsal. You can clearly see holes already wearing in the coating, and it is smoother to the touch in the center.

Now, I don't intend to bash ANY company, because my opinion is that coatings are going to wear, it is a natural thing, and that is the experience I've had with Remo, Evans, and Aquarian. I have read on this site countless times about how lousy Remo's coatings are, and how an Evans head would still look brand new, etc. And I just wanted to share that this NOT my experience. I tend to think that those who strongly tout one brand or another tend to have a bit of fanboy-ism going on. (Just kidding. Sort of...) I know we all have preferences and I'm cool with that. My point is, choose the sound you like and don't worry what someone else says about coatings.

For the record, the head sounds great, and I'm totally satisfied with it. I wanted to try a single ply alternative to the Emperor, and thought I'd give the Evans a whirl.
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