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Default Re: dts one touch tuning system

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
Those Arbiters look better than the DTS system. Too bad they're not around as a retrofit.

The cables on the DTS bother me. They make it look like one of Professor Bullfinch's crazy contraptions. But if it works, and is reliable over time then it's worth it.

Betcha 50 bucks it's not around in 5 years though, even if I do buy it. :)
4 months to go, Jeff.

Just kidding, but I was searching for something else and found this thread. DTS is too short a term for the search function, so I was curious, to see if anyone had tried these.
At first I thought it was a lame idea because if the drum was out of tune when the lugs were finger tight, this would just be like adding equal turns at each lug. But that doesn't seem right. Equal turns at each lug won't give equal tension because the head isn't perfectly centered or symmetrical. This would actually give equal tension at each lug, which seems like what you'd want. It's what a drum dial shoots for after all.
Anyway, it seemed like a cool idea for the reso head on toms.
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