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If the consciousness lives on after death, it is such a huge concept, we can't even comprehend it, even though most religions profess it...and we sort of consider it at a distance. Personally, I haven't been there, so I don't know...

But If there's no continuance of our consciousness, then so be it: those who've suffered in death are finished with their suffering, and we the living, go on, just like a deer in the forest whose partner was killed by a hunter, for example.

If there is life and a sustained consciousness, as the same personality, after a physical death, in some other frequency or state of being, then the suffering is probably a distant memory for the person? Again, just speculating. Either way, it's out of our control.

We see your pain here and sort of a cry for help. You know what they say about these things: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change...". So perhaps one good thing is to consciously seek moments of serenity and offer them to your mother. I hope I'm not preaching at you- don't mean to be!

Mostly...Be Happy, for your Mum.
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