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Default Re: Your favorite boundary microphone?

Originally Posted by Guitarski View Post

Thanks to Arky for the correction.

You're quite right in that 124dB seems a lot, but in confined spaces things can get out of hand pretty bad. I intend to put it in a guitar cabinet with 2x12" 50W speakers.

One purpose of the Shure appears to be the concert piano, so it should also be able to handle the rather more subtle approach as well.

I gravitate towards the Shure as well, allthough it's hard to make a comparison, because there's very little on Youtube on this.

Just for the sake of spelling, in this video, it's called a boundry microphone. I like it.
I think that you might be confused or maybe I'm confused by your response. 124db in my opinion is not high enough to totally alleviate distortion inside a bass drum or guitar cabinet. The higher the SPL rating of the microphone the louder the sound source can be to that particular microphone Before the microphone starts to go into distortion. Most microphone elements will bottom out if they are not designed to be used within close proximity to a very loud source. On the other hand, microphones with built in pre-amps, such as condenser units, will usually have their pre-amps as the weak link when it comes to their maximum SPL. A lot of the time these microphones will have a gain attenuation switch to "pad" their internal level down before distortion can occur on the microphones output.

I re-read your post and I believe that we're on the same page.

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