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Default Stagg Cymbal Bag

I'm interested in the Stagg SCYB-22 Pro Series cymbal bags. Apparently, many people sell them, but they are drop-shipped from their distributor in Nashville, so no dealers seem to actually lay their hand on them (very lame distribution model, if you ask me). Anyway, they have 3 versions. The SCYB comes only with a shoulder strap; the SCYBB is a backpack version, and the SCYTB is a roller.

While the roller is most appealing, I'm trying to find out if they really do stand up when loaded with cymbals. Yamaha's don't, and neither do Zildjian. If they don't stand up on their own, why would I want the added weight and bulk of a roller assembly, when I can just put them on a cart?

I like that their outside cymbal pocket fits 16" cymbals, too, because most others are 14" or 15". I'd also like to know if a drumstick bag will fit in their 3rd outside "drumsticks" pocket, and if the material is a tough nylon, sort of like a ballistic nylon.

If anyone has some experience with these, I'd sure appreciate hearing some feedback.

FWIW, I already have an SKB, but don't like the hassle of mounting cymbals onto the center post, and inserting dividers makes double the work.
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