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Default Roland TD3 crackling at high volume ?

Hey everyone,

I picked up a TD-3 kit and for about a month and a half i have been using my Sony MDR-7506's, however recently, the wire gave out and i had to buy a new pair. So i picked up the ATH-M50's and wow, they sound amazing... until i turn up the volume and give the bass a heel and toe kick.. it makes a crackling sound that really interrupts the bass audio. Now, this only happens at max volume, however, when i had the MDR's i never had this problem and always ran it on max volume. (this only happens on the bass, and not any of the other pads)

Could anyone shed some light on this ? is it the unit itself ? cause i'm sure as hell it isn't the headphones.. lets also keep in mind that the headphones are less than a day old.. maybe they need to break in ?

It should be noted that the M50's are a bit louder and bass'ier.

Any feedback would be very appreciated!
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