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Default Re: Fiberskyn on 18" BD

Originally Posted by rstix View Post
YES! That is some freaking tasty brush drumming there. I actually have this gig every monday night, which is a spoken-word poetry/ hip-hop cypher thing - it's a 4 piece thing drums, bass, sax, and guitar and we play jazz standards and improve stuff behind poetry and rap. I usually use brushes, but just bought a pair of hot rods to try out tonight. --- After watching this video I'm thinking about staying with brushes and just watching this more of Florian Alexandru-Zorn's stuff
I highly recommend that you buy "The Brush Secret" (Florian Alexandru-Zorn's DVD). I've owned this for several months and it's great for having a contemporary approach to brush playing, ESPECIALLY in the area of horizontal playing.

Your Monday gig sounds perfect for the results of studying this material .

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