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Default Re: What are the must haves for gigging?

Absolutely bring a rug -- unless you're ABSOLUTELY certain the stage area is carpeted... even then I often use my rug overtop -- drum key(s), spare snare (gaffers tape can get you through broken tom/bass heads)... that's the bare minimum....

a little flashlight helps with setup/tear down in a dimly lit area... a spare kick drum pedal (or the tools necessary to tighten/repair the thing (in my case, allen wrenches, spring, spare chain)...

double/triple check you have everything before you leave (checklist might not be a bad idea the first few times) -- once you get into a routine load-in/out will be a breeze and you'll automatically know if you have everything...

Probably wouldn't hurt to go over all your gear ahead of time and make sure everything's in good working order... stuff will still come loose, break, wear out after awhile - but you'll see it coming most of the time!

Good luck!
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