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Default Re: Pedal "migrates" while drumming. Solution?

Originally Posted by ricohorton View Post
Stick some Velcro strips under the base plate. Other pedals like Axis come with Velcro strips under the plate. This sticks the pedal to the carpet keeping it from moving around.
I have done this before in the same situation. I used velcro and it works - to an extent. If you're just a little bit short, velcro will make up the difference and it tends to hold well.

If you need even more space taken up, you should go with a rubber pad. I have used these as well. Any hardware or auto parts store should sell small pieces of gasket material you can trim to fit the jaw. Measure the thickness you need to make up and get appropriately thick gasket material and also get suitable glue. Remove the existing rubber pads. I would roughen up the bare metal jaw face with sandpaper and clamp the gasket and jaw together in a vise or similar clamp while drying. You really don't want this moving around again because the gasket came off the jaw.
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