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Default Re: Hardcase vs SKB

Both excellent quality cases and the reality is that both will offer more than enough protection for your pies. I own several of both brands for all my snares but when it came down to it, I went with SKB for the cymbal case pretty much due to the fact that the single strap appeared to be less fiddly than dealing with three straps to open/close the thing.

Though there is not a hell of a lot that separates the design of the two cases, there are some pros and cons to both. Both are moulded to nest with other cases of their respective brands. Both come in a few different sizes. Both have models with the options of wheels. Both offer a lifetime warranty. Hardcase are able to hold more cymbals than SKB (check specs for details), but they are also not available in the States, so depending on where you live this may be an issue.

All in all, both are excellent and there really is no wrong choice here. But I'd probably give a slight edge to SKB for my purposes.
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