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Default Re: What are the must haves for gigging?

To me, its about, 1- Protecting your valuable instruments, and 2- Figuring out what you can't get through the night without, and have spares or parts. Here's what I use:

Cases/bags for drums and hardware
Cymbal case (I prefer a hard case over a bag, but that's me)
Rug (I use a rubber backed 4'x6' carpeted entrance mat, like you'd see at the entrance of a business)
I have a small plastic hardware box containing the following- Multi tool, spare pedal spring, gaffer's tape, duct tape, snare cord/straps, spare hi-hat clutch, and extra drum keys.

With the 2 tapes, I can field repair just about anything. I can't fix a clutch, pedal, or strainer with tape, so I have those spare parts ready to go. I used to bring felts, washers, beaters, cymbal sleeves, and all other manner of stuff, but if you maintain your kit properly before you head out to the gig you probably won't need them.
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