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Default Re: Question for Aquarians lovers (experts) :)

Hey guys,

thank you to all of you for your answers, very appreciated. There seems to be a unanimity over the texture coated. So i think i'm gonna get these and pair it with Hi-performance on the snare side, like abapicaltaenia suggested.

But i might get the Super-2 as well, like jodgey4 mentionned. Cause in this video, Carl Palmer suggest to put a vintage emperor on the batter head. So if the super-2 are close to the vintage emperor, i might get this one as well and see wich one i like the most.

So today's gonna be the chase for Aquarians heads (hope i'll find some). If i can't find them i'll get them on line and i'll get back to you guys.

Again thank you for your recommandations, much appreciated.

Have a great day of drumming guys :)

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