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Default Re: What are the must haves for gigging?

Here's my two cents:

Kit (obviously).

Carpet. It doesn't need to be drum-specific. Check out remnants at a carpet store.

Sturdy throne with a backrest.

Stick bag. I have a spare set of sticks under the seat of my truck just in case I forget my stick bag. Haven't had to dig them out yet.

Spare snare.

Drum key.

I'm not big on carrying around lots of spare stuff. I've never broken a head or a cymbal. I have a 60's vintage Speed King pedal that's built like a tank and has never let me down. When I'm packing my kit (usually the day before the gig) I tune everything up and make sure that everything is in good working order. If I need a cymbal sleeve or a felt it gets replaced then. Same with heads. I clean and lubricate the Speed King every four to six months. Cymbals get cleaned about every six months.
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